Car Explodes After Chase In Dana Point

California Highway Patrol

Often, reckless driving is the main culprit in unnecessary car accidents and personal injuries. The safety of drivers on the road is compromised when a careless driver gets behind the wheel. On Wednesday night, an incident proved exactly how a reckless, negligent driver could bring about disastrous consequences. This specific incident however occurred with a driver of a vehicle who was not necessarily eligible to drive.

A police officer noticed a vehicle was driving recklessly on the road, Wednesday night and assumed since it was around 1 a.m. the driver may be intoxicated. The car swerved on Del Obispo Street, in San Juan Capistrano and the police officer attempted to stop the car. However, the car did not stop and high speed pursuit through San Juan Capistrano followed.

Another police officer joined the chase which came to an end about four miles southwest of Dana Point. The driver’s Chevy Aveo crashed into a tree in the center divider of Dana Point Harbor Drive. Following the crash, the driver ran from the car and towards the water. The vehicle then burst into flames.

Police officers looked around the scene of the crash for the driver. After about five minutes the driver was found, hiding in the bushes near a boat dock. What was more alarming, was that the driver was a 12-year old boy.

Authorities are saying that the boy was very lucky to not have been injured in the incident. The identity of the boy has not been released but the boy has been returned to his parents. The case was given to the Orange County district attorney’s office but it is still unclear whether the charges will be filed against the juvenile. The car belonged to his parents and so far no motive has been found as to why the boy would steal the car.

The Chevy Aveo the boy had been driving was quickly put out by firefighters. Three firefighters were able to put out the fire before any other injuries could have been caused.

Of course the law has indicated drivers of such a young age like a 12-year old should never be allowed to drive a car, yet nevertheless careless driving by adults can happen just as easily.

Quite frequently, personal injury is caused during car collisions. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car crash, you may want to contact a personal injury attorney.

Accidents which happen because of negligence could mean the party which is not at fault is more likely to receive a higher amount of compensation for their losses. Contact the Accident Attorneys’ Group today and see how much compensation you can receive for your losses.

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